Monday, December 10, 2007

Dividend fund matures

The Dividend fund # 1 Matures with no profit.

The last month was a devestating month for edge as the Allenvest South SIM disappered in thin air and land to a value of 74000 was lost.

In addition new land had to be purchased. The latest fraud to strike Edge now leaves the total amount of money lost to fraud at a staggering: 124,000.00 L$

Although we are very sorry not to deliver a profit, we honor our insurance and re-pay 100% of the invested amount as follows:

Calixus Voom: 20,000.00
tunes Meness: 30,000.00

Despite the trauma, your money is safe with Edge and we sincerely apologize for failing to deliver a profit this time around.

A 200 L credit will be added to your accounts above the repayment as for lost interest.